Software and Systems Engineering (SSE)

Leipzig, Germany, 1 - 4 September, 2019

SSE is a FedCSIS conference track aiming at integrating and creating synergy between technical sessions that thematically subscribe to the discipline of software engineering. The track emphasizes the issues relevant to developing and maintaining software systems that behave reliably, efficiently and effectively. This track investigates both established traditional approaches and modern emerging approaches to large software production and evolution. Technical sessions that constitute SSE are:

  • ASSE - Advances in Software and Systems Engineering
  • LASD'19 - 3rd International Conference on Lean and Agile Software Development
  • MIDI'19 - 7th Conference on Multimedia, Interaction, Design and Innovation
  • SEW-39 & IWCPS-6 - Joint 39th IEEE Software Engineering Workshop (SEW-39) and 5th International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems (IWCPS-6)


Important Dates

Submission of event proposal: November 20, 2018
Paper submission (sharp / no extension): May 15, 2019
Position paper submission: June 4, 2019
Author notification: June 25, 2019
Final paper submission and registration: July 17, 2019
Final deadline for discounted fee: July 15, 2019

Conference date: September 1-4, 2019

FedCSIS 2019 Main Organizer

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