AAIA Program

11:00-13:00 Sunday 01.09.2019.Session 1.ML in Applications I
11:00-11:30 Predicting blood glucose using an LSTM Neural Network. Authors: Pr IDRI (University Mohamed V of Rabat) and Touria El Idrissi, Ibtissam Abnane, and Zohra Bakkoury (University Mohamed V).
11:30-12:00 Improving Real-Time Performance of U-Nets for Machine Vision in Laser Process Control. Authors: Przemysław Dolata and Jacek Reiner (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology).
12:00-12:30 Machine-learning at the service of plastic surgery: a case study evaluating facial attractiveness and emotions using R language. Authors: Lubomír Štěpánek and Pavel Kasal (Department of Biomedical Informatics, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague) and Jan Měšťák (Department of Plastic Surgery, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and Na Bulovce Hospital).
12:30-13:00 British Sign Language Recognition In The Wild Based On Multi-Class SVM. Authors: Joanna Isabelle Olszewska (University of West of Scotland).
14:00-15:40 Sunday 01.09.2019.Session 2.Nature-inspired algorithms
14:00-14:30 Non-dominated Sorting Tournament Genetic Algorithm for Multi-Objective Travelling Salesman Problem. Authors: Paweł B. Myszkowski (Wroclaw University of Technology), Maciej Laszczyk (Wrocław University of Science and Technology), and Kamil Dziadek (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology).
14:30-15:00 A Specialized Evolutionary Approach to the bi-objective Travelling Thief Problem. Authors: Maciej Laszczyk (Wrocław University of Science and Technology) and Paweł B. Myszkowski (Wroclaw University of Technology).
16:10-18:10 Sunday 01.09.2019.Session 3.ML in Applications II
16:10-16:25 Counting Instances of Objects Specified By Vague Locations Using Neural Networks on Example of Honey Bees. Authors: Jerzy Respondek (Silesian Iniv. of Tech.) and Weronika Westwanska (Zespół Szkół Rodzin Katolickich im. Hlonda).
16:25-16:50 Accurate Retrieval of Corporate Reputation from Online Media Using Machine Learning. Authors: Achim Klein, Martin Riekert, and Velizar Dinev (University of Hohenheim).
16:50-17:15 Urban Sound Classification using Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network. Authors: Iurii Lezhenin and Natalia Bogach (Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University) and Evgeny Pyshkin (University of Aizu).
17:15-17:35 Comparative Analysis of Data Mining Algorithms Applied to the Context of School Dropout. Authors: Nathanael Vasconcelos (Universidade Federal de Sergipe), Methanias Colaço Júnior (Federal University of Sergipe (UFS)), and Thiago Almeida and Victor da Silva (Federal University of Sergipe - UFS).
09:00-10:40 Monday 02.09.2019.Session 4.A jumble of AI
09:00-09:25 A Deep Learning and Multimodal Ambient Sensing Framework for Human Activity Recognition. Authors: Ali Yachir, abdenour amamra, and badis Djamaa (Ecole Militaire Polytechnique) and Ali Zerrouki and Ahmed khierEddine Amour (EMP).
09:25-09:55 Generating Human Mobility Route Based on Generative Adversarial Network. Authors: Ha Yoon Song, Moosang Baek, and Minsuk Sung (Hongik University).
09:55-10:25 Information granule system induced by a perceptual system.  Authors: Anna Bryniarska (Opole University of Technology).
10:25-10:45 Quantitative Impact of Label Noise on the Quality of Segmentation of Brain Tumors on MRI scans. Authors: Michal Marcinkiewicz (Netguru) and Grzegorz Mrukwa (Netguru; Silesian University of Technology, Data Mining Group).
10:45-11:05 Development of a Flexible Mizar Tokenizer and Parser for Information Retrieval System. Authors: Kazuhisa Nakasho (Yamaguchi University).
14:30-16:00 Monday 02.09.2019.Session 5.Support vector regression
14:30-14:50 Training Subset Selection for Support Vector Regression. Authors: Liu Cenru (Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore) and Cen Jiahao (Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore).
14:50-15:10 Efficient Support Vector Regression with Reduced Training Data. Authors: Ling Cen (EBTIC, Khalifa University), Quang Hieu Vu (Data Science Group, Zalora, Sinagapore), and Dymitr Ruta (EBTIC, Khalifa University of Science and Technology).
15:10-15:30 Greedy Incremental Support Vector Regression. Authors: Dymitr Ruta and Ling Cen (EBTIC, Khalifa University, UAE) and Quang Hieu Vu (Data Science Group, Zalora, Sinagapore).
15:30-16:00 Data Mining Challenge Summary. Authors: Andrzej Janusz (University of Warsaw).


Important Dates

Submission of event proposal: November 20, 2018
Paper submission (sharp / no extension): May 15, 2019
Position paper submission: June 4, 2019
Author notification: June 25, 2019
Final paper submission and registration: July 17, 2019
Final deadline for discounted fee: July 15, 2019

Conference date: September 1-4, 2019

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