WCO Program

16:30-18:30 Monday 02.09.2019. Session 1. Chair: Stefka Fidanova
16:30-16:55 A. Mucherino, J. Lin,  An Efficient Exhaustive Search for the Discretizable Distance Geometry Problem with Interval Data
16:55-17:20 J. Dörpinghaus, C. Düing, V. Weil, A Minimum Set-Cover Problem with several constraints
17:20-17:45 Annegret Wagler, A novel integer linear programming model for routing and spectrum assignment in optical networks
17:45-18:10 K. Junosza-Szaniawski, D. Nogalski, Exact and approximation algorithms for joint routing and flow rate optimization
18:10-18:40 Yoshiyuki Ukita, Takuya Yoshino, and Kouichi Hirata, Alignment for Rooted Labeled Caterpillars
09:00-10:40 Tuesday 03.09.2019. Session 2. Chair:  Antonio Mucherino
09:00-09:25 S. Fidanova, Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Workforce Planning: Influence of the Evaporation Parameter
09:25-09:50 Łukasz Zielonka, An algorithm for 1-space bounded cube packing
09:50-10:15 Alain Quiliot, Models and Algorithms for Natural Disaster Evacuation Problems
10:15-10:40 N. Dobrinkova at all, Emergency planning and optimizations based on dam break flood risk maps visualized with open source web-GIS tool
14:20-16:00 Tuesday 03.09.2019. Session 3. Chair: Stefka Fidanova
14:20-14:45 A. Rouigueb, M. Mmaiza, Integration of Polynomials over n-Dimensional Simplices
14:45-15:10 S. Silva, M. Costa, C. Costa Filho, Customized Genetic Algorithm for Facility Allocation using p-median
15:10-15:35 E. Fadda, D. Manerba, R. Tadei, P. Camurati, G. Cabodi , KPIs for Optimal Location of charging stations for Electric Vehicles: the Biella case-study
15:35-16:00 M. Rapoport, T. Tamir., Best Response Dynamics for VLSI Physical Design Placement
16:30-18:30 Tuesday 03.09.2019. Session 4. Chair: Antonio Mucherino
16:30-16:55 A.  Hraiba, A. Toui, Hybrid Two-Stage Eagle Strategy with Grey Wolf Optimizer for Reliability Analysis
16:55-17:20 Laszlo Aszalos and Mária Bakó, Correlation Clustering: Let All The Flowers Bloom!
17:20-17:45 Laszlo Aszalos and Dávid Nagy, Selecting representatives
17:45-18:10 P. Hajder, L. Rauch, M. Nycz, M. Hajder, A Heterogeneous Parallel Processing System Based on Virtual Multi-Bus Connection Network


Important Dates

Submission of event proposal: November 20, 2018
Paper submission (sharp / no extension): May 15, 2019
Position paper submission: June 4, 2019
Author notification: June 25, 2019
Final paper submission and registration: July 17, 2019
Final deadline for discounted fee: July 15, 2019

Conference date: September 1-4, 2019

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