ISM Program

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Current CET/CEST date and time:

11:20-13:00 CET/CEST Tuesday 08.09.2020. Session 1. Chair: Witold Chmielarz

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11:20-11:30 Opening of ISM, Witold Chmielarz & Ewa Ziemba – Chairs of ISM

Data Quality Model-based Testing of Information System

Anastasija Nikiforova and Janis Bicevskis (University of Latvia) and Zane Bicevska and Ivo Oditis (DIVI Grupa Ltd)


Data Mining for Process Modeling: A Clustered Process Discovery Approach Conference

Renato Cirne (University of Pernambuco) and Caio A. S. M. de Lima, Eronita M. L. van Leijden, Renan de F. Leite, Alexandre M. A. Maciel, and Fernando B. Lima Neto (University of Pernambuco)


A Simulation Study on the Impact of Activity Crashing on the Project Duration and Cost under Different Budget Release Scenarios

Jie Song (Ghent University) and Tom Servranckx, Annelies Martens, and Mario Vanhoucke (Ghent University)

12:30-13:00 Questions & Discussion
14:20-16:00 CET/CEST Tuesday 08.09.2020. Session 2. Chair: Ewa Ziemba

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Pick-up & Deliver in Maintenance Management of Renewable Energy Power Plants

Vincenza Carchiolo (University of Catania, DIEEI), Francesco Di Dio (Bax Energy), Alessandro Longheu (Università di Catania), Giuseppe Mangioni (DIEEI - University of Catania), Natalia Trapani (Università di Catania), Michele Malgeri (University of Catania, DIEEI), and Antonio Romeo (DIEEI - University of Catania)


Digital assets for project-based studies and data-driven project management

Gloria Miller (maxmetrics)


A Novel Model of Adoption of M-Commerce in Saudi Arabia

Yahya AlQahtani (University of Sussex), Natalia Beloff (University of Sussex, UK), and Martin White (University of Sussex)

15:20-15:50 Questions & Discussion


Important dates

Submission of technical session proposals: November 12, 2019
Paper submission (sharp / no extension): July 3, 2020
Position paper submission: July 17, 2020
Author notification: August 1, 2020
Final paper submission, registration: August 14, 2020
Payment: August 28, 2020
Conference date: September 6-9, 2020

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